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High Desert Field Guides is a small publishing business located in Santa Fe. Our aim is to make your travel more enjoyable and enlightened through the use of our printed field guides and maps.

Our first field guide, "Dance Ceremonies", a CD sized booklet, provides useful information about the Native American dances and related ceremonies for the Eight Northern Rio Grande Pueblos. We have since published four maps: two based on the geology of famous sites in New Mexico, one for the Archaeology of the entire state and the new one about Tony Hillerman's Landscapes. The subjects of our publications relate to history, culture and the natural sciences.

Our publications are carefully designed to appeal to the person who wants a concise and handy reference about the topic/places. They are intended to "take-along" or browse while traveling in a car or van, and also to refer to when hiking or walking in areas each guide covers. Our products are designed and printed in the USA. Enjoy our beautiful state!

Rock Art Images of Northern New Mexico
Our newest publication...
Rock Art Images of Northern New Mexico
This wonderful Rock Art Guide covers eight sites in New Mexico that can be visited. Five sites are open, while three sites are restricted and require tours or special arrangements to visit. Learn about the types of Rock Art Images, petroglyphs and pictographs, and how to roughly date images by design characteristics and our timeline graphic of images.

Northern New Mexico images date from the earliest period of about 5000 years ago to the last century. The guide explains some of the basic Rock Art styles of the area and shows the sites in a color-relief locator map. For the five open sites this guide has color-relief maps with indicated trails to petroglyph locations. Packed with explanatory text, color diagrams of petroglyphs and color photographs, this guide is an enjoyable read and a handy field tool.

By recognized author, Dennis Slifer, this new publication is a revised and re-formatted version of the booklet published in 2005, which sold out.

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